PUBG Skins

Player Unknown?s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, has become a major hit. There are still a lot of active players playing the game and thousands watching PUBG streamers on platforms like Twitch. A small part of the game involves skins. You can buy and sell PUBG skins on Twitch and buy them online at multiple sellers. If you want to have a cool character in-game, you can customize it with skins.

There are a lot of different types you can order and wear. Cheap ones like new School Pants and very expensive ones like a full Player Unknown Set. A lot of players that bought the game got their money back by just playing the game and buying/selling those skins.?On our website we provide you with the best shops to buy or sell your PUBG Skins and we compare the best prices for them.

What is PUBG?

PlayerUnknown?s Battegrounds is an online multiplayer game that features a Battle Royal style of gameplay. It was published by a small subsidary of the larger company Bluehole. The game gets its inspiration from the awesome cult movies Battle Royal. If you like this game, you really should watch the original Battle Royal 1. The second one got a bit lower rating from fans and critic. In the game a maximum of 100 player get parachuted on an island.

At the start players are scavenging for items, weapons and other types of equipment. At the start you can walk around the whole island without consequences other than getting shot and killed. When the game progresses, the map decreases in size. All the surviving players must reach the playable part of the map to continue. The last one standing (or the last team standing) will win the round. PUBG was released in March 2017 through Steam and have sold 13 million copies over time. In the near future there will be console releases available for Windows and Xbox One.

A special or cool look

If you want your character to stand out and have a special or cool look, you can customize it with skins. As we said in the intro: you can get cheap skins and very expensive ones. If you want for example a School Skirt for you character, you can expect to pay over $200 for it. Some new slacks (pants) will cost you near $1. You can buy crates, items, tools and other cool equipment in PUBG. From sunglasses to a new jacket. Some example PUBG skins are:

  • Mandarin Jacket
  • School Skirt
  • Camo Cap
  • Cargo Pants
  • Pleated Mini-Skirt
  • School shirt
  • Vintage Baseball hat
  • Gas mask

Some example PUBG crates and sets are:

  • Survival Crate
  • Wanderer Crate
  • Gamescom Inventional crate
  • Pioneer crate
  • Twitch Prime set
  • Tuxedo set

Reliable seller

You can buy and sell PUBG skins at different sellers. All these PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Skin sellers are reliable and tested by us.


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