A lot of people have got their investment in the game back by selling skins. There are a lot of different tactics to do so. Some require a small investment in money and others require just a lot of time and patience. Getting rich buying and selling skins is not possible for many, but getting some cash is. You can always get lucky and get an incredibly rare skin in one of your crates and cash out. However the chances for getting that lucky are slim. Buying a lottery ticket is also possible if you just want to get rich. If you want to have fun while making some cash, you can try trading PUBG items, skins, keys and crates. There are a lot of different tactics for this. Most of them you can start right away. Do not expect to become a millionaire, but do expect some cash in return.

The PUBG trading tips:

  • Buy the crates with BP at the start of the week. The crate prices are reset for everyone. You can sell them later on for profit. Not much, but for some.
  • Discounted skins. Keep a look at all the large trading and selling websites. Sometimes they do have too much skins in stock. At that time they might want to sell them at a good discount. Buy them and re-sell them at the Steam Market for profit.
  • Set Buy orders for skins you would like to re-sell. Companies like Bitskins you can set a buy order for a skin. If the skin is that price, you automatically buy it.
  • Hold items that you think can rise in value over time. Rare items, unique items and new skins can rise a lot in value. Just hold them for a longer period and keep an eye out for the value from time to time. Remember: Buy low, sell high.

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