Are you a big fan of the PUBG game? Are you playing this game all the time? We know what you can ask for under the Christmas tree! Or what you can give to your fellow PUBG player friends. In August 2017 the official merchandise store for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds merchandise was opened. In this blog we tell you more about the greatest presents for a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fan.

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Opening of the Merchandise store

The official opening of the PUBG merchandise store was on August 15, 2017. From that day on, they provided PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds merchandise for everyone in the whole world. They were a lot of requests for official merchandising from the PUBG community, even in the beginning of the game. So they searched and found two partners, merchandise stores, to provide the fans official PUBG clothing.

Supporting charities

PUBG merchandise is a perfect present to ask for Christmas because you also support two different charities with your purchase. 50% of all the proceedings are donated to two different charities, Games Changer and Gamers Outreach. They are helping youth in need with medical treatment and special care. They want to help also the youth who have to face and fight a life threatening disease daily.

About the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds merchandise

There are starting with only a limited number of apparels. But they are planning to add more items on the way. It’s a good thing to watch the collection every now and then to watch if they have added something new to the collection. You can watch the items on Design by Humans or PowerUp Factory. If you sign up by Design by Humans, you’ll get a 15% discount on your purchase. On this site you can find a T-shirt for women or men and a hoodie. Black with white letters. On this site you can read that additional apparel options are coming soon.
On the PowerUp Factory you can find the same T-shirts and the hoodie, but also a grey T-shirt, a hat and a bag.

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