PlayerUnknowns Battleground has become a major hit and one of the best selling and most played games on Steam ever. We can understand that, because we love the game and play it a lot too. We buy lots of cheap and expensive PUBG Skins, but also sell them online on the market (steam). But before you induce yourself with skins, crates and other items, you should learn to play the game a bit. In this article we will describe some beginners tips for PUBG. Enjoy!

  1. In the plane

When you are in the plane, you can already mark a site where you want to make the jump. The further the area you pick, less people you will see. This will give you an excellent start for the game

  1. Vehicles

For safety and fast transportation, getting a vehicle is very important. We like to start at the far corners of the map to scavenge or items before going on a killing spree. When the map gets smaller, we always need a vehicle to get there. Keep an eye out for vehicles!

  1. Blue circle

If you have a vehicle, the you can pretty much loot anywhere on the map for about ~7 minutes safely, since the first blue circle takes a long long time to come in, and then you have the vehicle to move out with.

  1. Open doors

Keep an eye out for open doors when moving to a new location, open doors indicate the place having already been looted. Additionally, if there’s a bunch of open doors and then one or two buildings with closed doors, you really should avoid that place

  1. Autoburst AR

Do not use the AR on auto/burst. It is a lot easier to control it with single shots.

  1. Avoid certain spots

Unless you’re looking for a fight, avoid hotspots like the power-plant, military base, airfields, anywhere with shipping containers, gun-range… You’ll pick up a few more as you play.

  1. Low on ammo?

If you’re really low on ammo/health items, you could attempt to camp in a building where you think people will come and check. Close all the doors behind you, try not to loot anything unless you really need it. It’ll give the impression that nobody has been here and they’ll proceed to spend a bit of time looting and looking and be unaware of your presence until they open the door you’re behind and you riddle them with bullets.

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